In the field of electronics, we develop and manufacture tailor-made products and solutions according to customer needs.

Our customers are companies (B2B) producing various devices in which tailor-developed HW for controlling the given technology, controller, measuring device or other electronics are used.

We have broad know-how in digital technology (microprocessor technology, data communication, ...) as well as in analogue technology. In our products, we implement the latest trends both for information display (capacitive touch graphic displays, web server for direct display on a smartphone, BT, ...) and possible connectivity solutions (LAN, WiFi, IoT, BT, GSM, LTE, RFID, .. .)

We emphasize quality, ergonomics and cost effectiveness of the entire solution.

We provide comprehensive tailor-made development and production services

Problem analysis and solution proposal

We analyse the customer's needs and recommend a suitable solution. Together, we assess the environment in which the resulting electronics should work, what the size requirement is, and so on. Depending on the type of order, we design the method of controlling the given electronics, we design the input and output elements, the mechanics of the product and, according to the customer's wishes, we design the control panel of the application or the entire final product.

Development and construction of electronic equipment, including the mechanical part and software equipment

We design the mechanics of the device in the SolidWorks software.

We design an electronic wiring diagram and analyse the correct operation of individual circuits. We design electronics and printed circuit boards in the PADS program with the optional 3D models. The design is made with immunity to interference as well as electromagnetic radiation (EMC) minimization in mind.

We develop the necessary software, which we then debug with the customer for the given application and carry out practical tests.

Tests in certified laboratory (safety, EMC, ...)

In addition to product testing during development, we carry out tests at the relevant authorized testing facilities (safety, EMC, tests according to the jurisdiction of the given product) in agreement with the customer.

Serial production

We carry out complete production, including mechanical assembly. All products are measured and functionally tested during production. If the customer wishes, the products can also pass the run-in procedure. We manufacture production batches from piece production to series of thousands. Our company has delivered a total of more than 130,000 pieces of its own products - controllers, measuring devices and other electronics.

Service and technical support

Our relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of products. We provide warranty and post-warranty product service, customer technical support, creation of documents for catalogue sheets, product manuals, etc.

Our products

A large part of our production is exported all over the world as the so called embedded electronics.