Production lines

We develop and manufacture complete production lines consisting of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and possibly also hydraulic systems.

Where appropriate, we apply industrial robots. As part of the lines, we also design and manufacture special single-purpose machines.

To check the quality of the product or part produced on the line, we often develop special testing and measuring machines and equipment (EOLT - End Of Line Testers).

According to customer requirements, we manufacture production line as follows:

Automatic production lines

In fully automatic production lines, the products gradually pass through individual operations without operator intervention, the operator only adds input materials and supervises the line.

Semi-automatic production lines

For semi-automatic lines with human crew, we often apply a checking system (POKA-YOKE) which prevents the production of a low-quality product due to operator error. Any non-conform products are separated.

production lines

We also deploy an operator work check and inspection system for manual production lines.