Testing devices and measuring machines

The development and production of single-purpose measuring devices and product testers is an area in which our know-how in the field of automation and a wide background as well as experience in the development and production of tailor-made electronics are combined. We therefore implement complete electrical (electronic)-mechanical-optical test solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Examples of test and measurement equipment

Comprehensive testing machines

We develop and manufacture, as required, complex testing and measuring machines, which include in addition to the measurement of electrical, optical or mechanical properties also various functional tests of units including the storage of measured data.

Output Line Testers (EOLT)

The output testers of the lines are usually supplemented by the continuity of the product flow to the production line itself as well as with the marking of identical products (e.g. laser, micro-punch, labels or RFID).

Testers of physical properties

We provide measuring of the tightness of products, measuring of mechanical parameters of products (dimensional checks, check of the mutual assembly of individual parts, check of mechanical functionality, measuring of mechanical characteristics - forces and path dependence, ...), measuring of mechanical stress, measuring of pressures, flows, temperatures, noise, etc.

Electrical property testers

We measure DC and AC voltages and currents, measure transition resistances, test insulation strength using high voltage, test various communications (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, RS485, RS232, USB, ..) and product parameters via electronic buses, evaluate dynamic courses of fast electrical signals.

Camera testers

We use camera systems to check the conformity of products - checking the completeness, appearance and colour of products, checking the position and type of parts, the presence of parts, checking the integrity of parts and assemblies, camera measurement of mechanical dimensions, recognition of given images, reading codes (2D codes - DataMatrix, QR; barcodes; character reading - OCR), evaluation of print quality, we also carry out, for example, erasure control, luminance measurement, etc. We implement systems for photo documentation of products too.

We apply camera systems mainly from the Keyence Company, but also from Cognex, Sick, IFM, Omron, Technoteam and others - usually according to the particular customer's request.

Machines for product run-in

We develop and manufacture on demand the so called run-in stations when it is necessary to carry out an initial functional test of a new product for a certain period of time with monitoring of its parameters (i.e. product run-in).

Machines for life testing

Special device for long-term product testing - in various modes, often in different climates.

Benchtop measuring and testing equipment

We develop and manufacture bench-top measuring and testing equipment tailored to the customer's needs.