Single purpose machines

In applications where a mass-produced machine cannot be used, we design and manufacture single-purpose machines.

Assembly operations

Our automatic assembly machines typically consist of part input buffers, feeders, assembly mechanics and handling of finished parts. Where possible, we use vibrating feeders for input parts.

Depending on the type of production, the assembly machine can, for example, take the form of a rotating carousel, where individual product components are inserted into the assembly at individual positions.

We use robots for more complex work stations.

The correctness of the assembly operation is checked by sensors or camera systems. At the finish line, the products assessed as conform and non-conform are handled separately.

Screwing operations

In single-purpose screw driving machines, we apply electric or pneumatic screw driving systems, for example from Atlas-Copco, Deprag, Doga, Dessouter or others.

Lubricating operations

We apply separate lubrication systems or systems with a central distribution of lubricant.

Our applications typically consist of a drum pump, pressure regulator, manifolds and volumetric applicators. We also apply high-speed non-contact lubrication from the Soma Company. For applications where it is needed, we apply the lubricant using robots.

Bonding and gluing operations

In single-purpose machines with gluing operations, we apply systems such as Nordson or Loctite. We use robots to apply adhesives when necessary.

Bending and cutting (stamping) operations

In bending and cutting applications, depending on the required force, we use hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Pressing operations

Depending on the required force, we apply hydraulic, hydropneumatic or pneumatic systems in single-purpose pressing machines.

Cutting operations

In applications depending on the material to be cut, we mainly implement cutting with a saw blade. Depending on the material, we use cooling and lubrication too. The work station also includes sawdust collection, exhaust suction and noise reduction of the cutting area.

Wrapping and winding operations

Our applications are, for example, the wrapping of car radiators or the special winding of stators

Riveting operations

For riveting, we deploy, for example, the BalTec systems.

Drilling operations

For single-purpose machines with drilling operations, we deploy, for example, Sugino or Drill Matic drilling units.

Welding of plastics

We apply laser welding systems (e.g. Dilas), ultrasonic welding (e.g. Ducane or Herrmann) and pulse staking riveting (Branson – Emerson).

Finishing treatment of parts

To finish (deburring) the parts, we deploy a robot that, by moving along a given trajectory with a suitable deburring tool, removes unwanted overlays or cleans the edges. For example, we use Amtru pneumatic spindles.

Special packaging technology

As a system integrator, we are also able to implement special packaging technologies according to customer requirements, including robotic systems, labelling and data processing.

Other technologies

If you did not find the one technology you are interested in among the technologies mentioned above, this does not mean that we are not able to support you. Please send us an inquiry to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..