Machine control systems

We implement "turnkey" control of machines and technologies, i.e. complete supply of control and electrical equipment, that means development of an electrical project in the Eplan program, manufacture and supply of electrical equipment, followed by installation on technology, creation of software and debugging of the entire application.

Control systems

PLC controllers

We control the machines and lines using PLC programmable logic controllers - especially from Siemens (Simatic S7-1500, S7-1200, ... ), but also from Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Festo, Wago, Omron, National Instruments, ... or industrial PCs.

Industrial buses

In our applications, we use various industrial buses (Profinet, EtherCat, ASI, CAN, etc.).

User interface

An obvious part of our control systems is the user interface, including the visualization of progress and results (Human Machine Interface – HMI).


We deploy standard articulated robots, but also collaborative robots that can work simultaneously with the operator - see Robotics.

IT services

According to the customer's requirements, our control system implementations also include related IT services, i.e. collection, storage and evaluation of measured data, connection to the customer's IT systems or directly the flexible production systems according to Industry 4.

Remote application management

Where possible, we use remote application management for diagnostics and service (via secure LAN or GSM transmission).

Design and production of electrical equipment

We carry out a complete design of low- and high-current electric devices and systems in the design software EPLAN.

According to elaborated project documentation, we perform complete production of electrical equipment - construction of switchboards and assembly on machines.