ESY s.r.o. – Industrial Automation, Electronics, Software

Industrial automation and robotising

We deliver special (single-purpose) machines and technology lines, develop and manufacture custom-made product testers, implement industrial robots, carry out complete deliveries of machine control systems based on PLC control units Siemens Simatic, Allen Bradley, Wago, Omron or based on PC, we implement industrial camera systems of diverse makes, provide systems for product identification and indication.

Developing and manufacturing of electronics

We develop and manufacture especially the custom-made electronic devices, for example electronic controllers, measuring and control devices, readers for contactless identifying via RFID, measuring converters and other electronic devices satisfying the requirements of our customers.


Developing of software connected with automation as well as with electronics. We implement software superstructures of SCADA/HMI systems, provide custom-made measuring, control and communication software for PC as well as software for logical automats PLC and robots and last but not least software for microprocessors.

Contact data

ESY s.r.o.
Malodoubská 90/2, 460 08 Liberec 8
(new address from 3.12.2020)
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 482 428 211
fax: +420 482 428 213
GPS: 50.742738N, 15.024321E

We are receiver of a financial grant from the fund ESF

We are receiver of a financial grant from the fund OPPI