Manufacturing and technology lines

We deliver complete technology lines composed of mechanical, electric, pneumatic and eventually hydraulic components. We co-operate with stabile partners and suppliers.

 According to type of production and technology the manufacturing lines can be operated as fully automatic or operators are needed.

Products manufactured with a fully automatic manufacturing line go through individual manufacturing operations without any operator activity; the operators take care for supply of input materials and provide supervision of the overall line only.

Semi-automatic manufacturing lines where a crew is needed are usually equipped with a Poka-Yoke system which significantly eliminates scrap resulting from man-made mistakes.

Along both (automatic and semi-automatic) lines the proceeding to next operation may depend on successful passing of previous operations.  Non-conform products arisen shall be treated in a special regime, i. e. the detected non-conform products are consequently separated from conform products and corrective actions are implemented.

Particular applications may vary according to particular production. The lines delivered by our Company can include special (single-purpose) machines like for instance assembly machinesproduct parameter testers or existing machines of the customer (for instance press machines, forming machines, .. ). In between the individual operations the products can by transported with conveyors or with special handling devices. If suitable, we implement industrial robots. Furthermore, systems for camera control of product, diverse methods of product identifying and indicating or production monitoring may be implemented.

Every manufacturing equipment shall be – depending on its nature and grade of safety – equipped with safety elements and devices in order to assure safety of operating and maintenance crews (light curtains or scanners, safety switches and locks, emergency stop switches, covers, bars, etc.). We analyse safety risks in course of a very early design stage to be able to implement appropriate safety measures.

For manufacturing of our products we implement and use components provided by well known Companies like (in alphabetical order): electric components made by Allan Bradley, Balluff, Berger-Lahr, Harting, HBM, IFM, Moeller, Murr elektronik, Omron, Pilz, Rittal, Sick, Siemens, Schmersal, Schneider, Schrack, Sunx, Wago, Weidmüller, Wenglor, etc.; pneumatic components made by Festo, Norgren, SMC; mechanical components made by Deprag, Maytec, Schmidt, Weiss, ..