Identifying and indicating of products

According to customer requirements we provide systems for identifying and indicating of products. Identification is necessary especially with respect to traceability of products required by quality management systems.

Identification/indication method depends on resistance of the indication required as well as on environment where the indication shall serve, whether the indication shall be read directly and last but not least on cost acceptable.

We may implement identifying by barcode labels, inkjet or laser jet printing onto products, micro stamping or engraving. Furthermore, we provide contactless identification via radio transmission (RFID).


We provide high competency as to contactless identification because we develop and manufacture RFID readers (for more information click here). The radio identification chips used may be very small and they may be incorporated into the product. Price of such chip may – at first – represent a disadvantage nevertheless our Company has successfully implemented many industrial applications of this technology.

Simple identification may be executed by stamping, tampo printing, hot stamping or in a very simple way by a mechanical or coloured marking pencil (operation passed or not).

We provide full service i. e. delivery of professional equipment, programming, putting into operation and service as well as integration into manufacturing environment of the customer.