We are receiver of a financial grant from the fund ESF


The ESY s.r.o. (Ltd.) Company which is focussed on automation, design and manufacturing of special electronics and software development finished - on 31st July 2011 – a project supporting the employees education indicated as „Systematic increasing of professional education of employees and increasing of competitiveness of the Company“ and consequently the use of the ESF subventions was finished.

The Project was focussed on supporting of further education of the employees of the Esy s.r.o. Company and on development of Company activities because the strategic objective of the Company is not only to provide its customers with high quality services but also to provide all employees with education in compliance with Company plans and needs. The project was supported by a subvention granted from the European Social Funds – from the operation program called Human Resources and Employment.

The main objective of this project was to improve the market position of the Company through a systematic increasing of flexibility and adaptability of the employees with respect to changing trends and with special focus on employees’ capability to master new technologies.

The knowledge newly gained by the employees supported and do support the development of the Company and thus its competitiveness is increasing. Because the Company is focussed on new technologies it is inevitable within international environment that the employees continuously improve not only their technical skills but also their foreign languages abilities and general education level. As for this aim the implemented project was a great help.

Some part of project activities was focussed on up-date economy education of the corresponding employees of the Company. This approach was very useful especially with respect to massively changing tax legislation.

Some project activities were focussed on general education. The target group gained education and skills which may be generally used on the labour market.

As for the education activities the external as well as the internal lecturers were engaged. The project lasted 24 months.

The education project fulfilled its objectives and it was generally evaluated as success.

The educating of employees of the Company is continued irrespective of the end of support by the ESF funds.