General information

Custom-made development and manufacturing is our main competency as to electronics. 

We design digital as well as analogue applications. Many applications are based on combination of analogue circuits with microprocessor technology.

We implement various microprocessor families (Atmel, Silicon laboratories (Cygnal), Dallas, Microchip, ..).


We have experience with data transfer and communication via Ethernet, LIN, CAN, Opentherm, USB, RS485 and RS232 connections, radio transmission, etc.

Information and data may be displayed on graphic or character oriented LCD screens or LED displays, touch screens, standard or custom-made keyboards, etc.

During design and development we strive for high quality and optimal cost of the overall solution.

Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with Czech and international electric standards.

We have successfully developed a product for the so called Ex (explosion danger) environment.

 Analogical to automation we provide complete services for custom-made electronics:

  • Analysis

We analyse – in co-operation with customer – the requirements and propose appropriate solution. Both parties shall evaluate the environment where the future electronics shall be operated as well as space available, etc.  We propose the way of operation, input and output elements, mechanical components and we can – following the customer vision – provide design of operating panel or of the final product.

  • Design and development of electronic device

We design a scheme and may provide tuning of particular circuits.

Our well experienced specialists design the printed circuits with respect to high resistance against electromagnetic interference and strive for low electromagnetic emissions (EMC). For design of schemes and printed circuits the software PADS provided by the Mentor Graphics Company is used. We implement automatic up-grade of this software and our engineers take part in corresponding training and education workshops. As for new products – mostly – the surface assembly technology SMT is implemented. Custom-made software represents an integral part of overall solution.

  • Tests

Next to testing of our products in course of development we order – according to particular agreement with customer – tests to be carried out by authorised laboratories (safety, EMC, special product tests, test for automotive industry, etc.).

  • Deliveries

We can manufacture piece by piece as well as in thousand pieces series. Function of each product is tested. If required by customer, we can put the products into operation under load. We install electronic components into final products. If required, we provide the electronic components with special protective pouring substance.

  • Advising, service and technical support

We provide the customers not only with delivery of a product but also with product service, technical support, elaborating of documents for catalogues, etc. 


Large part of our production is exported in form of incorporated electronics to many European countries.