Robotised working stations and handling devices

It is often necessary to handle the product in between of the individual automatic working stations. If a belt conveyor is not suitable, a custom-made single-purpose handling devices may be used. If the handling procedure is a complex one, we propose to install a robot.

The robot provides some advantages because of its universality, i. e. the robot may receive new program following the changed/cancelled manufacturing process or it can be used for other manufacturing purposes. Furthermore, the robot may be much faster than single-purpose handling devices especially when complex movements shall be mastered.

Next to handling of products we install robots for spraying of bonding and jointing substances onto defined product surfaces, for assembling of components, etc. 

Choice of the robot depends on total weight and distances as well as on degree of freedom of the particular application, on precision required and on speed as well as on some other requirements too.

We provide our customers with complex services connected with implementation of robots, i. e. analysis of the case, choice of a suitable robot, design and manufacturing of suitable jigs, delivery and programming of robot, installation and tests, corrections, training of operating and maintenance staff, etc. Furthermore, we integrate the robot into its environment, i. e. we take care for synchronisation with control systems of surrounding machines and devices (for instance with injection machines) or we can deliver diverse peripheries and accessories. Last but not least we solve safety strategy of the robotised working station; i. e. non-authorised persons are prevented during robot movement, etc.

We implement especially the robots made by the Fanuc Company because of high reliability and favourite price/service ratio as well as because of wide product range and good support. For more information on robots made by Fanuc see .