Converter Temperature/Frequency

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The converter transforms signal from thermometer PT100 or Ni1000/5000ppm to output frequency which is suitable to be processed by logic automat (PLC). Thus the expensive analogue inputs for PLC are not necessary and they can be replaced by simple digital input. The converter provides two independent canals.

Basic technical parameters:


AJ03 Temperature / Frequency
canal quantity 2
input range Pt100: -30 ÷ 400°C, as three sub-ranges Ni1000/5000ppm: 0 ÷ 90°C
supply voltage24VDC / max 40mA
galvanic separation Yes, separated from supply
output signal on slow output regime 0,1 ÷ 0,5Hz
output signal in rapid output regime1000 ÷ 5000Hz

Price of the converter:

Price for

1-4 pcs5-9 pcs10-24 pcs25-49 pcs50 pcs and more
type AJ03 temperature/frequency5,800.-4,500.-3,700.-2,980.-2,750.-

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