Jsme příjemci dotace fondů OPPI


We receive subventions from the European Fond of Regional Development as well as from the Ministry of Business and Industry.


On 01st April 2011 the Esy s.r.o. (Ltd.) Company was granted a subvention from the priority axis No. 2. Company development, support area 2.2 Support of new manufacturing technologies, ICP and some selected strategic services, ICT program for enterprises.


This program provides financial subventions for enlarging of some existing or for implementing of new information and communication technologies (hardware, software) into small and middle-sized enterprises and it helps to improve the inner operation and/or the outer relationships of the enterprises.


At the same time the program strives for increasing of competitiveness of small and middle-sized enterprises through better use of their potentials with respect to implementing and enlarging of information systems (hereinafter referred to as the “IS” only) including of other ICT elements.


The core of the project consists in investing in or in implementing of new services in the area of information and communication technologies - especially hardware and software – in connection with establishing of new operating plant, enlarging of an existing plant, enlarging of manufacturing portfolio of the plant for some new, additional products or in connection with some principal change of the overall production process.

In course of the project the activities mentioned above may be combined and interconnected.


The project of the ESY s.r.o. Company is indicated as „Implementing of an information system striving for optimisation of processes inside the ESY Company, for better product quality, for increased customer satisfaction and for more competitiveness.“


The objective of the project is to implement an information system and thus to achieve some principal quality-oriented changes within the ESY Company. The new financial, economy and order cost controlling agenda; the registration and planning of orders; the organisation of purchasing; the inventory management, etc. will lead to increased efficiency, cost savings, increased quality, to better customer satisfaction as well as to more competitiveness. The project presumes purchase and implementation of the information system and of hardware means as well as consultancy services.


The subventions from EF and SR do make altogether 60 % of the acceptable costs.

The project positively influences the equal chances and the sustainable development and it is environment-friendly.


The project lasts 24 months and it will be finished until 30th March 2013.