Camera systems

  The camera systems (systems of machinery observation) may evaluate conformity or non-conformity of products and product groups according to their appearance, colour, surface, position, type of elements, presence of parts, damage of parts or groups, defects detected, mechanical dimensions to be measured, pictures, motives, codes to be determined (barcode, 2D code, characters), label quality, prints, passing of operation (for instance oiling), luminous capacity to be measured, etc.

We implement camera systems of diverse makes (in alphabetical order) like Cognex, IFM, Keyence, Omron, Pictor, Sick, Technoteam, ..

With respect to particular application we strive for a cost effective camera system solution.

Machinery observation does require excellent illumination of the application area. We use series illuminating devices or we can design and manufacture custom-made illumination. You can see one of our illuminating modules here.